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Affliction - Laurell K. Hamilton A solid three stars, because I did *like* it. It's a step back toward actually telling stories (a hopeful trend in the last couple) rather than the preternatural orgies the series had devolved into.

Also, Edward. Edward makes everything better. He's my favorite sociopath.

But really. Anita kicks some ass the old fashioned way, is generally being less whiny about everything, and it was enjoyable.

My only beef? As is also the trend in this series, but more egregious in this one, is that it's a near 600 page book, and the whole things resolves like two chapters from the end in a way that realistically could have happened 200 pages earlier if Anita had noticed that OH, RIGHT, SHE IS A NECROMANCER. MAYBE SHE SHOULD USE THAT TO FIGHT THE ZOMBIES.

Ça va.