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The Last Little Blue Envelope - Maureen Johnson It's not that I didn't like this book. Or that it wasn't somehow charming. I did. And it was.
Sometimes, I just wanted to step into the pages and deliver a well-deserved smack (or five) to Ginny. For a reasonably smart girl, she is myopically short-sighted, in grand denial, and NEVER asks questions about the things she should be asking questions about. OSTRICH GIRL, THY NAME IS GINNY.

Or maybe I'm just a confrontational sort of person who prefers a direct approach and am therefore stymied by a character who doesn't ask, for instance, why she is being blackmailed by someone who seems like a perfectly nice fellow otherwise. HMM, GINNY? DO YOU THINK THERE MIGHT BE SOME SORT OF TRAGIC REASON BEHIND IT?


So, while I like the book, like in the first one, I don't really like the main character.
But this book telegraphs its moves like a drunk frat boy at a bar.