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Death Cloud (Sherlock Holmes: The Legend Begins, #1) - Andrew Lane Admittedly, I am a sucker for all things Holmesian.
I liked this.
It's odd, though.
I don't know if I entirely buy it.
Which isn't to say I think Sherlock Holmes sprung from the womb a fully-formed deduction machine.
However, he seemed a little... oblivious here.
And I do accept that it's a YA novel...but maybe it's just a little more YA than I'd like it to be.
Still, Sherlock is 14 here, and I would expect him to be on his way to becoming the legend he becomes.
Instead, he's not terribly observant, is woefully obedient, and moreso seems to have very little personality. The characters around him are more vividly characterized than Sherlock, and the story is told from his POV.

Maybe I'd like it more as just a mystery, rather than as a *Sherlock Holmes* mystery, because...well, it isn't.

However, I did enjoy the novel, and the sense of time and setting. And I'll be checking out the sequel. So there's that.