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Kiss the Dead - Laurell K. Hamilton It's not that I am a prude, but dear god, could we get a little less ZOMG MAD KINKY SEX and a little bit more PLOT?

It starts with some police work, which is refreshing. Then some more. Looking up! Then Anita goes home and bonks her honeys. That's cool.

Then we go off on a 200 page section of fucking, until at some point she finally realizes, oh, right, well, I sort of began this plot, why don't we wrap all that up in about 40 pages, and even for LKH, it's an abrupt fucking ending.

I recently reread Blue Moon, and I had forgotten how much I used to like these books. They were never great literature, but they were enjoyable reads. And back in the day, there was still the mad hot sex, but it was in service to the plot rather than just gratuitous scenes of fucking to no end.

Each book now seems like a bad fanfic version of the first 8 or so of the series. I do appreciate that Anita has grown and gotten less stubborn and more aware of her own bullshit. And it's nice to see her relax and be happy. But that's a short story, not a 400 page novel of filler. (When even the sex is repetitive--like it's totally cribbed from the previous book, but INSERT NEW LOCATION HERE--it's hit a point of diminishing returns. LKH is plagiarizing herself.)

Also? If Anita is going to spend the whole book talking about how happy her core group of studly preternatural muffins makes her, perhaps they should appear (hello, Richard? Jason?) rather than her new stable of dudes (and dudette?).

Not sure how many more of these I have in me before I give up and quit reading these. I'm close.