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The Wordy Shipmates - Sarah Vowell Oh, Sarah Vowell. I've now finished reading all that she has written, and The Wordy Shipmates makes me wish that weren't the case. Her books--and this one in particular, which most closely echoes Assassination Vacation--validates the dorky history nerd inside me. Vowell also understands the allure of a good monument and the wackiness of history, which I enjoy immensely.

That being said, this book is chock-full of amazing fact, mostly telling to story of the Massachusetts Bay Colony, and its founders, in particular John Winthrop and Roger Williams (who later founds Rhode Island after being banished from Boston for generally being disagreeable and not shutting up about it). It's a really engaging read, full of details on colonist/ Indian relations that I wasn't aware of, and overall a big pleasure.

If more nonfiction were like this, I would read it more often.