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Grave Secret - Charlaine Harris The fourth in the Harper Connelly Series, and a satisfying installment, too. Harris does a series well; she is good at making a tight story while still leaving backstory enough that you continue wanting more of her characters.

This book brings up the lingering mystery of the disappearance of her sister Cameron 8 years prior while fleshing out the budding relationship between Harper and Tolliver. I really enjoyed the book--the pacing was good, and the way the story unfolds was intricately delightful. I think the Harper series is doing better than the Sookie series at this point--not sure if the Sookie books have just gone on too long or what, but they've been uneven in the last couple of volumes; so far the Harper books don't seem to be flagging. The only wish is that Harper would lighten up a bit; she's a bit dour.