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I like trip-hop, anachronism, cats, both coffee and tea, the sound of rain on a tin roof, antique keys, pop culture as a substitute for religion, theatre, photography, Oxford commas, and, of course, reading.

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The Examinations of Anne Askew (Women Writers in English 1350-1850) - Anne Askew, Elaine V. Beilin This is the story of Anne Askew, a protestant martyr who was burned at the stake in 1546 after being imprisoned in the Tower of London and tortured by Catholic clerics. It's an interesting document because it's an account of her experiences in [ostensibly:] her own words, preserved by John Foxe [who also penned the Book of Martyrs and John Bale. This edition contains both Anne's testimony without interruption and the version published with commentary by Bale--who is quick to fashion her into a martyr of faith, but sometimes seems not to have really read what Askew was writing. It's a strange and fascinating disparity.