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Unteachable - Leah Raeder This is not a perfect novel, but in spite of that, I still give it a 4, because it was that enjoyable.
It's not going to change your life or anything, but as far as entertaining, engaging, diversionary reads, it delivers.
Especially if you are twisted enough to enjoy taboo breaking, which I do.

Best part of the book? The protagonist, Maise, who is smart, and a smartass. She owns her sexuality, owns who she is and that she is aware she is still becoming that person. She's resourceful and independent and it's great to read a book featuring a character who doesn't get hung up on the Madonna/ whore dichotomy. One wonderful scene involves her sitting at a desk into which someone has scratched "Rhianna=slut"; she wants to add "Chris Brown=domestic abuser" but figures she'd get busted by the teacher before she could finish.

Also, the girl is self-aware enough to buy Lolita-style heart shaped glasses while going on a road trip with her lover (who, of course, also happens to be her teacher). You have to admire the sass.