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I like trip-hop, anachronism, cats, both coffee and tea, the sound of rain on a tin roof, antique keys, pop culture as a substitute for religion, theatre, photography, Oxford commas, and, of course, reading.

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Schrodinger's Ball

Schrödinger's Ball - Adam Felber I disagree with nearly every Goodreads review I've read of this book--I find it touching, hilarious, and with something much more profound to say than the toss-off reviews people gave it. This was a re-reading, and it's one of my favorite books, and I utterly adore it. People gave it bad marks for being disjointed, but they are missing the point--the book is a celebration of the way all these disparate, singular moments and events collide into larger moments--one big Rube Goldberg machine, as Dr. Schrodinger puts it.